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Oceanside Real Estate and Community Information

Located just 35 miles north of the city of San Diego, Oceanside is the northernmost coastal community in San Diego County.   There are over 30 city parks, approx. 3.5 miles of public beaches including a 1600 ft pier! Oceanside is located off of Interstate 5, as well as Highway 78 and Highway 76. 


Oceanside is laid out in five different zip codes:  


92054 along the coast and up to the harbor

92058 located north of Highway 76 and west of N. Douglas Drive

92057 which encompasses the San Luis Rey river valley along Highway 76

92056 which is located east of El Camino Real and south of Highway 76 down to Highway 78. This zip code also encompasses Ocean Hills located just west of the Shadowridge area in Vista off of Lake Blvd, Melrose and Cannon.  

92055 which is the Camp Pendleton Marine Corp base. 


Things to do in Oceanside:


Walk, hike or bike the San Luis Rey River Trail. Travel 7.2 miles on this scenic trail from Neptune to College! 


There are two public swimming pools:  

Brooks Street Swim Center and Marshall Street Swim Center. 


There are two skate parks: 

John Landes Skate Park located on the north end of John Landes Park. 

Libby Lake Skate Park located on the west end of Libby Lake Park.